Turnkey Projects

Through strategic partnerships formed over the years, Yaweh Electrical is well positioned to provide turnkey solutions to many industry sectors. These partnerships have been established to take the headache out of the design, implimentation and support of new projects.

The primary sphere in which we have established these relationships is around the marriage of the electrical reticulation and Information Technology requirements that many new projects require.

Often, project managers seek different companies to facilitate the installation of elecrtrical works, and a seperate company to provide the Information Technology requirements. By using Yaweh Electrical, a company can take advantage of these partnerships we have in place so that we are able to provide a one stop solution for all Electrical and Information Technology requirements. There are two primary companies that we have built relationships with, and have worked successfully together on many Municipal, Education, Legal and Medical projects over the years. For more information on these two companies, please see below.

ECO Networks - Technology Solutions


ECO Networks is an innovative, service orientated company, delivering total IT solutions to the general public, SME's and corporate business sectors. Trading in and around the Kwazulu Natal area, our mainstream business consists of network design, implementation and support. There is also a strong focus on providing managed IT solutions, which is complimented with the supply of new computer and server equipment and Internet service provision on our high speed wireless network.

ECO Networks specialize in all forms of wired and wireless technologies. From simple home applications to large inter-branch communications stretching for kilometers. We have the skills, tools and technology to provide you with the solution required. We also run an extensive wireless network throughout Kwazulu Natal providing Internet connectivity, VOIP and VPN services to business and residential clients.

visit www.econet.co.za for more information.

Scarlet IT Solutions



Scarlet IT Solutions is primarily geared to provide desktop and server based support and administration services to the SME market segment. From flexible pay-as-you-go services to affordable fixed price contracts, if you've got between 5 and 250 staff we can provide your IT support.

We can be your complete IT help desk or just provide some extra support for your IT manager - our expert team can build a service that suits your exact needs and budget.
Our tailor made solutions are flexible and provide a reliable support solution for your organization taking the burden of IT support out of your day-to-day operations.

visit www.scarletit.co.za for more information.