About Us


Who are Yaweh Electrical?

The question has been raised many times as to where the name "Yaweh" comes from. The name of the company was derived from the hebrew translation of the name of God. The reason that this name was chosen was on the basis that the company works on a christian ethos, and ensures that business is conducted with transparency and honesty at all times.

Yaweh Electrical has branded itself in the market place at a company that not only delivers solutions for its client on time, but in a professional and reliable manner.

Yaweh Electrical has been in business for the past 20 years. Through the many successes of the firm the company has grown from strength to strength. Due to the exponential growth of the company over the years, the decision was taken to register as a Closed Corporation in the third quarter of 2007. The company is currently registered with the following professional bodies and adheres to SANS 10142 wiring code:

  • ECB
  • ECA
  • Workman's Compensation (COIDA)
  • Department of Labour (DoL)

With our core business focus in the construction segment, we do welcome opportunities with trade and industry as well as domestic development projects, electrical and instrumentation solutions, design, manufacturing and commissioning.

Management and staff are well qualified and have a wealth of experience. S.H.E (Safety, Health and Environmental) regulations are adhered to at all times. These principals are implemented as a prerequisite of Yaweh Electrical safety procedures on any projects the company engages in.